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AR300U Xclone. MAG Anti Clone UHF Long Range Reader

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AR300U Xclone. MAG Anti Clone UHF Long Range Reader

AR300U Xclone. MAG Anti Clone UHF Long Range Reader - Barrier Gate System

AR300U Xclone is MAG proprietary anti-clone technology that features Dual Security Protection which includes anti-clone and seek card 

AR300U Xclone is an ultra high frequency (UHF) long range reader that read up to 10 meter (free air reading) depends on the type of solar film installed on car, interference at site and proper card reading angle. AR300U Xclone has been approved by SIRIM to comply to 919Mhz to 923Mhz frequency as required by Malaysia regulation.

AR300U Xclone complete with mounting bracket and power supply, housing made of PET material which is weatherproof against sunshine and rain. Ideals for the access control tracking system, car parking.

UHF recomended long range reader


Feature highlight:

    • Dual Security Protection (DSP): Xclone features Dual Security Protection to ensure DOUBLE safety against unauthorized card duplication.
      1. Seek Card: Only scan and read MAG Xclone UHF system. This prevent first attempt to duplicate with other unauthorised card or stickers.
      2. Anti Clone: 2nd levels encryption makes it difficult to copy the same card number.
    • No interference: Reader will not scan and read other UHF card or stickers. It read only MAG UHF (anti-clone) card and stickers.
    • Less Maintenance: UHF card is a passive card (without battery)
    • Triggered reading: Reader will only read card if the trigger signal is enabled. It is recommended to install a loop detector to enable the reader only when there is a vehicle to avoid accidentally reading unwanted cards nearby.
    • Delay Function: While the reader is triggered, there is a preset delay of 5 sec for reading each subsequent card to avoid anti-passback error of next approaching car. Delay count will be cancelled when the trigger signal is disabled.
      Eg: After the first car travelled away from loop detector, a trigger signal is disabled and the 5 sec delay is cancelled. When the next car travelled into the loop detector, the reader is enabled and will read the next card immediately.
    • Comply with Malaysia regulation: Malaysia Sirim has certified AR300U Xclone to comply frequency range requirement by MCMC. The certificate is available upon request.
    • More user-friendly: LED light at bottom of the reader. Red light to indicate no card presence. Blue to indicate successfully read card.


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