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ER-1000.TOA Personal PA System

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ER-1000.TOA Personal PA System

The ER-1000 is a compact, lightweight, hands-free portable public address system with a rated power output of 6 W (9 V DC when used with six AA-type batteries). The system can be wrapped snugly around the waist and using the supplied headset microphone allows both hands to remain free, making it ideal for such applications as conducting factory tours, directing traffic, instructing in sports facilities, and security-and-safety-related applications.

Power Source Alkaline battery (LR6): 6 pieces (9 V DC) or 4 pieces(*2) (6 V DC)
Rechargeable nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery (HR15/51): 6 pieces (7.2 V DC) or
4 pieces(*2) (4.8 V DC)
Black manganese battery (R6PU): 6 pieces (9 V DC) or 4 pieces(*2) (6 V DC)
Output 6 W (rated) and 10 W (max) when 6 AA batteries (9 V DC) are used.
3 W (rated) and 4 W (max) when 4 AA batteries(*2) (6 V DC) are used.
Battery Life Voice operation(*3): Approx. 8 hours (when 6 or 4(*2) alkaline batteries are used)
AUX stereo input operation (music reproduction)(*4):
Approx. 4.5 hours (when 6 or 4(*2) alkaline batteries are used)
Approx. 5.5 hours (when 6 or 4(*2) Ni-MH batteries are used)
Approx. 3 hours (when 6 or 4(*2) black manganese batteries are used)
Audible Range(*5) Voice operation: Approx. 80 m (87.49 yd) (when 6 alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries
are used)
Approx. 40 m (43.74 yd) (when 4(*2) alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries are used)
Note: The audible range when black manganese batteries are used is approximately
80 % of each of the above mentioned distances.
Frequency Response 300 Hz - 14 kHz (deviation: -26 dB)
Headset Microphone Ear-on type, electret condenser microphone,
sensitivity: -47 dB (0 dB =1 V/1 Pa, 1 kHz)
Input MIC: -30 dB(*1), 3 kΩ, φ3.5 (0.14') monaural mini-jack, phantom power supply
AUX(*6): -10 dB(*1), 2 kΩ,
φ3.5 (0.14') stereo mini-jack (supporting monaural applications(*7))
Belt Length 55 - 120(*8) cm (1.80 - 3.94(*8) ft)
90 - 160(*9) cm (2.95 - 5.25(*9) ft) (when wearing a extension belt (accessory))
Operating Temperature 0 to +40 (32 bF to 104 bF)
Finish Front case: ABS resin, light grayish purple
Rear case: ABS resin, dark grayish purple
Grille: Surface-treated steel plate, dark grayish purple, paint
Belt: Elastic rubber, black
Dimensions 133 (W) × 96 (H) × 222 (D) mm (5.24' × 3.78' × 8.74') (belt excluded)
Weight Main PA unit (belt included, batteries excluded): 480 g (1.06 lb)
Headset microphone: 50 g (0.11 lb)
Extension belt: 40 g (1.41 oz)
Accessory Headset microphone (with headband and wind screen) …1,
Belt (attached to the main PA unit) …1, Extension belt …1, Battery spacer …2



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