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RM-200SA.Remote Microphone

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RM-200SA.Remote Microphone

The RM-200SA is a remote microphone designed for the Matrix System. It is equipped with 13 function switches that can be used to select individual zones or zone groups a covered switch and corresponding indicators. The optional RM-210 Remote Microphone Extension permits switches and indications to be expanded in 10-piece units.


Power Source 24 V DC (operating range: 15 - 40 V DC, supplied from the audio input
unit) or DC input power supple connector (when the optional AD-246
power supply unit used).
Usable DC power supply plug: 5.5 mm (0.22') outer diameter, 2.1 mm (0.08') inner diameter, 9.5 mm (0.37') long, and non-polarity type.
Current Consumption 240 mA or less
Audio Output 0 dB*, 600 Ω, balanced
External MicrophoneInput -40 dB*, 2.2 kΩ, unbalanced, mini jack, for electret condenser microphone
(phantom power supply: 3 V DC)
Distortion 1 % or less
Frequency Response 100 Hz - 20 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio 60 dB or more
Microphone Unidirectional electret condenser microphone with AGC (ON/OFF selectable)
Chime Built inside (PCM sound source), monitoring possible using built-in speaker
Level Control Microphone sensitivity control, Monitor speaker volume control, Chime (adjustable using the software)
Connection Cable Main line: Shielded CPEV cable (1 pair of audio wire + 1 pair of data wire +
1 pair of monitor/control wire + 1 pair of supply wire) or
Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable (CAT5-STP)
Branch line: Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable (CAT5-STP), RJ45 connector
Maximum CableDistance 800 m (874.89 yd)
No. of ConnectableExpansion Max. 4 units
Monitor Speaker Built inside
Operation Function switch, Covered switch, Broadcast switch
Indicator Power indicator, Failure indicator, Function switch indicator, Covered switch indicator, Broadcast switch indicator
Operating Temperature 0 to +40 (32 bF to 104 bF)
Operating Humidity 35 % to 80 % RH (no condensation)
Finish ABS resin, blueish gray
Dimensions 190 (W) × 76.5 (H) × 215 (D) mm (7.48' × 3.01' × 8.46')
(excluding microphone)
Weight 880 g (1.94 lb)
Option Remote microphone extension: RM-210
Terminal unit: RM-200RJ
Wall mounting bracket: WB-RM200
Electret condenser microphone: WH-4000A, YP-M101, YP-M301 etc.


Brochure :

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