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     Door Access System ---    ENTRYPASS    ---

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Dynamic Storage Allocation (DSA)
DSA empowers you to modify the factory preset card holder and event storage database whenever necessary for personalized configurations.


Dual Operation Mode (DOM)
n-MiNi2 provides an extremely easy reconfiguration method via  the controller default operation mode. An operation mode controls the functionality of the controller to a specific application environment. By default, n-MiNi2 support dual-application environment, namely physical door access control and advanced time clock.

Switching to a new mode is as easy as a click of a button with the EntryPass Platform1 Server application. This function allows your distributor to streamline their inventory without keeping various hardware in stock.


Secured Network Connectivity
n-MiNi2 features an embedded ethernet port with 128bits AES encryption for connectivity up to 100mbps. In addition, the embedded Ethernet port comes with dual-sensing capability which gives it an edge of self-adoptability to lower speed network like 10mbps automatically. 

To enhance the data quality into the control panel, the embedded RJ45 Ethernet port also has a built-in Pulse Width Transformer to reduce data noise from the network that could affect data quality. 


Active Event Transmission 
Rather than keeping the event transaction in the memory waiting for the host server to poll, n-MiNi2 actively transmit the event back as it occurs. Comparing the conventional polling architecture, this asynchronous communication reduces the bandwidth requirement significantly when operating over the network. 

Both host server and n-MiNi2 actively monitors the network connectivity in between, any failure between the host server and n-MiNi2 shall trigger an alert, prompting immediate action.


Peer-To-Peer Global Antipassback
Similar to peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that adopts network communication without the need for central coordination instances (the host server), your Card holder location status are distributed among the controller as it happens, updates are fired to the group controller member in the first instance, a total of 16 controller can be added to the same group to achieve global antipassback control.


Built-In Web Configuration Page
The built-in web configuration page is accessible through any compatible Internet browser (Internet Explorer recommended). For enhanced security, once the initial IP configuration is completed through the web configuration page, the web page cannot be accessed again. If a configuration error is made, a reset to factory default must be performed.


Reader Output Control
3rd party reader which comes with visual (reader’s LED / audio reader’s buzzer) feedback can now be controlled by the n-MiNi2 on any ongoing access events(enter or exit of the access controlled door). Our reader comes with tamper monitoring capability; whereby it’s monitored and automatically alerts the system once tampered to prompt further action by your system administrators.


Multi-Bits / Proprietary Format
Working with proprietary format is no longer a nightmare. Together, EntryPass Platform1 Server application and n-MiNi2 provides a flexible way for system integrator to work with proprietary card format with ease. A visual tool from within the server application allows you to reconfigure the way a proprietary card should be read  and process by the n-MiNi2 wiegand inputs.


Door Interlocking *
N-MiNi2 provides up to 2 variations of door interlocking, otherwise known as mantrap.

  1. In-Board Interlocking HCB with 4 readers is able to do internal 2 doors interlocking within the control panel itself, no external wiring is needed for this type of implementation. Door status being updated internally between the 2 doors before a valid access is granted. Door access is denied if another door is opened by other event. 
  2. Cross-Board Interlocking Cross-board Interlocking is achievable by checking the interlocking signal from the second HCB before granting the accessibility to the local request (valid card read, request-to-exit button pressed). When a remote door status is open, local door opening is incapable. Vice versa.  


Configurable Input
n-MiNi2 features 4 user configurable Digital / Supervised input through the paired DRB. Each of such is configurable for various functions like door sensor, request-to-exit button and fire signal input. Depending on the application, system administrator can now freely assign the role of each input for appropriate usage. 


Event Based Triggering (EBT) **
Base on event types occurred within the controller (for example valid card flashed, door left open, security off etc), system administrator can now freely configure the available output to react on certain event type.


User Counting
With this feature, system administrator can easily configure the controller to allow a specific amount of card holders that can enter a restricted area.


Firmware Upgrade Over Ethernet
Upgrading firmware is now a simple and convenient process to all n-MiNi2 based controller. Latest firmware will be made available via our website whereby your system administrators can freely download the firmware updates.





32bits @ 60MHz


256K Flash Memory
32K SRAM (Buffer)
128Mbits (expandable to 192Mbits)

Card Us


Transaction Event


Digital/Supervise Inputs 

Max. 4, User configurable (through DRB)

Digital Output 

Max. 2 Class-C Dry contact Relay

Onboard RTC


Serial Communication Port

3 - RS232/RS485 User Configurable

Ethernet Port

1 - RJ45 10/100mbps Self-Negotiate with surge protection

Power Protection

Resettable Fuse - 2.5A

Surge Protection (Comm/DI)

TVS - Up to 15KVA 

Onboard LED Control

Power / Communication / LAN / Event

Onboard Buzzer

Onboard Reader 


3rd Party Reader

1 - Support Wiegand Format (26 / 32 / 34 / 36 / 37bits) 

Multi-Bits Card Format 

5 Sets 

AC Fail Monitoring

Yes (through DRB)

Battery Monitoring

Yes, Firmware threshold control to shutdown control panel

External Short Circuit Protection

At Readers

Address DIP Switch

5 Bits (Applicable to serial communication based control panels only)

Backup Battery

Yes, Apply to RTC only


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