04-31, Skudai Parade
Shopping Complex,
Batu 10, Jalan Skudai,
81300 Skudai, Johor,

Lot 3, Block B,
Subang Light Industrial Park,
Off Jalan Subang 2, USJ 1,
47610 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

14, Jalan Medan Ipoh 9,
Bandar Baru Medan,
31400 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia.


Alarm (173) More..

Roller Shutter Sensor. Alarm Sensor. #ASIP Connect
Roller Shutter Senso..nect
FMX-DST. Optex Passive Infrared Detector Sensor. #ASIP Connect
FMX-DST. Optex Passi..nect
FMX-ST. Optex Passive Infrared Detector Sensor. #ASIP Connect
FMX-ST. Optex Passiv..nect
HX-40 DAM. Optex High Mount Outdoor PIR / Combination Detector
HX-40 DAM. Optex Hig..ctor

Auto Gate (77) More..

ICARO SMART AC A2000..nect
ARES BT A1500. BFT A..nect
STR BT A500. AUTOMAT..nect
SLDEA2000. DEA Gulliver Industrial Sliding
SLDEA2000. DEA Gulli..ding

Barcode (16) More..


Barrier Gate (33) More..

BRD02. MAG Traffic Detector
BRD02. MAG Traffic D..ctor
BRD01. MAG Standard Vehicle Loop Detector
BRD01. MAG Standard ..ctor
BR_SB. MAG Signboard
BR_SB. MAG Signboard
Bkt AR200U. MAG AR200U Bracket
Bkt AR200U. MAG AR20..cket

CCTV System (1423) More..

TC-R3440.TIANDY H.265 4HDD 40ch NVR
TC-R3440.TIANDY H.26.. NVR
TC-R3220.TIANDY H.265 2HDD 20ch NVR
TC-R3220.TIANDY H.26.. NVR
TC-R3110.TIANDY H.265 1HDD 10ch PSE NVR
TC-R3110.TIANDY H.26.. NVR
TC-R3110.TIANDY H.265 1HDD 10ch NVR
TC-R3110.TIANDY H.26.. NVR

Conference System (16) More..

VCS-MCA100. Dahua Omnidirectional Microphone Array
VCS-MCA100. Dahua Om..rray
VCS-DE-9QH. Dahua Full Range Active Speaker
VCS-DE-9QH. Dahua Fu..aker
VCS-RPS3B0. Dahua Integrated Telepresence System
VCS-RPS3B0. Dahua In..stem
VCS-RPS3C0. Dahua Integrated Telepresence System
VCS-RPS3C0. Dahua In..stem

Digital Door Lock (25) More..

M-1390G. Samsung Metal Gate Digital Lock with Fingerprint & Remote Controller. #ASIP Connect
M-1390G. Samsung Met..nect
SHP-DS607. Samsung Digital Door Lock Gate Lock. #ASIP Connect
SHP-DS607. Samsung D..nect
SHP-DH537. Samsung Smart Lever Doorlock With RFID Card And Password
SHP-DH537. Samsung S..word
SHP-DH538. Samsung Fingerprint Digital Door Lock
SHP-DH538. Samsung F..Lock

Door Access System (385) More..

ZKLT-E & ZKLT-M. ZKTeco Guard Tour Tag. #ASIP Connect
ZKLT-E & ZKLT-M...nect
P20. ZKTeco Guard Tour System. #ASIP Connect
P20. ZKTeco Guard To..nect
DHI-ASI7213X-T1. Dahua Face Recognition Access Controller. #ASIP Connect
DHI-ASI7213X-T1. Dah..nect
InBio Pro Series. ZKteco IP-Based Biometric Access Control Panel. #ASIP Connect
InBio Pro Series. ZK..nect

Intercom System (121) More..

N5220/Vesta. Golmar 2 two ways colour video kit. #ASIP Connect
N5220/Vesta. Golmar ..nect
Vesta 2 GB2. Golmar 4.3" hands free colour monitor. #ASIP Connect
Vesta 2 GB2. Golmar ..nect
N5110/Vesta 2/GB2. Golmar 1 way colour video kit composed. #ASIP Connect
N5110/Vesta 2/GB2. G..nect
VTH5221DW-C-S1. Dahua Wi-Fi Indoor Monitor. #ASIP Connect
VTH5221DW-C-S1. Dahu..nect

KeyPhone/Telephone System (133) More..

IP7WW-EXIFE-C1. NEC BUS board for Expansion Chassis. #ASIP Connect
IP7WW-EXIFE-C1. NEC ..nect
IP7WW-EXIFB-C1. System Expansion BUS daughter board (mount to CPU). #AIASIA Connect
IP7WW-EXIFB-C1. Syst..nect
IP7WW-4KSU-C1. Main/Expansion Chassis comes with Power supply. #ASIP Connect
IP7WW-4KSU-C1. Main/..nect
IP7WW-008U-C1. NEC 8-port Hybrid Extension Card for SL2100. #ASIP Connect
IP7WW-008U-C1. NEC 8..nect

Metal Detector System (5) More..

ZK-D3180S. ZKTeco Walk Through Metal Detector
ZK-D3180S. ZKTeco Wa..ctor
ZK-D2180S. ZKTeco Walk Through Metal Detector
ZK-D2180S. ZKTeco Wa..ctor
ZK-D1065S. ZKTeco Walk Through Metal Detector
ZK-D1065S. ZKTeco Wa..ctor
ZK-D1065S. ZKTeco Walk Through Metal Detector
ZK-D1065S. ZKTeco Wa..ctor

Monitor/LCD/LED (26) More..

DS-D2046NL-E. Hikvision 46-inch 1.7mm LCD Display Unit. #ASIP Connect
DS-D2046NL-E. Hikvis..nect
DS-D2046NL-E. Hikvision 46-inch 1.7mm LCD Display Unit. #ASIP Connect
DS-D2046NL-E. Hikvis..nect
DS-D2055NL-E. Hikvision 55-inch 1.7mm LCD Display Unit. #ASIP Connect
DS-D2055NL-E. Hikvis..nect
DHL460UDH-ES. Dahua 46'' FHD Video Wall Display Unit (Ultra Narrow Bezel 1.7mm)
DHL460UDH-ES. Dahua ..7mm)

Network/ICT System (901) More..

ASUSTOR. AS6508T / QC 2.1 GHZ/ 8GB DDR4 / 8 BAY / 2 X 2.5G LAN PORT/ 2 X 10G LAN PORT/ 2 USB 3
ASUSTOR. AS6508T / Q..SB 3
AS7116RDX.Asustor Lockerstor 16R PRO
AS7116RDX.Asustor Lo.. PRO
ASUSTOR.AS4002T 10GbE 2-Bay Diskless NAS Server
ASUSTOR.AS4002T 10Gb..ver
ASUSTOR.AS1002T V2 / DC 1.6 GHZ/ 512MB DDR3 / 2 BAY/ 1 X 1G LAN PORT/ 2 USB 3
ASUSTOR.AS1002T V2 /..SB 3

PA/Sound System (1204) More..

A-3606D.TOA Digital Mixer Amplifier
A-3606D.TOA Digital ..fier
RS-481.IP Intercom Option Handset
RS-481.IP Intercom O..dset
RS-141.IP Intercom Option Handset
RS-141.IP Intercom O..dset
RS-191.Handset Unit
RS-191.Handset Unit

Printer (122) More..

SPC360DNW.RICOH Color LED Printer
SPC360DNW.RICOH Colo..nter
Epson PictureMate PM-520 Photo Printer
Epson PictureMate PM..nter
Epson WorkForce WF-7711 A3 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Inkjet Printer
Epson WorkForce WF-7..nter
Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6091 Wi-Fi Duplex Inkjet Printer
Epson WorkForce Pro ..nter

Projector (28) More..

Epson EB-L1505UHNL Laser WUXGA 3LCD Projector without Lens
Epson EB-L1505UHNL L..Lens
Epson EB-L1495UNL Laser WUXGA 3LCD Projector without Lens
Epson EB-L1495UNL La..Lens
Epson EB-L1200UNL Laser WUXGA 3LCD Projector without Lens
Epson EB-L1200UNL La..Lens
Epson EB-L1200UNL Laser WUXGA 3LCD Projector without Lens
Epson EB-L1200UNL La..Lens

Server Rack (35) More..

01230855.Vertiv 48U*800mm*1200mm VE Rack
01230855.Vertiv 48U*..Rack
01230854.Vertiv 42U*800mm*1200mm VE Rack
01230854.Vertiv 42U*..Rack
01230853.Vertiv 48U*800mm*1100mm VE Rack
01230853.Vertiv 48U*..Rack
01230852.Vertiv 42U*800mm*1100mm VE Rack
01230852.Vertiv 42U*..Rack


SL1128. Cynics Solar Sensor Light 30W. #ASIP Connect
SL1128. Cynics Solar..nect

Turnstile System (25) More..

ASIS Turnstile - Tripod. #ASIP Connect
ASIS Turnstile - Tri..nect
ASIS Turnstile - Swing Gate. #ASIP Connect
ASIS Turnstile - Swi..nect
ASIS Turnstile - Full Height. #ASIP Connect
ASIS Turnstile - Ful..nect
ASIS Turnstile - Flap Barrier. #ASIP Connect
ASIS Turnstile - Fla..nect

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) (73) More..

01230850.Vertiv 42U*600mm*1200mm VE Rack
01230850.Vertiv 42U*..Rack
GU30017L.VERTIV Power Distribution
GU30017L.VERTIV Powe..tion
GU30007L.VERTIV Power Distribution
GU30007L.VERTIV Powe..tion
GU30008L.VERTIV Power Distribution
GU30008L.VERTIV Powe..tion

AR331HT.SOYAL SLIM WEATHERPROOF READER N-8000MI.Multi Interface Unit DS-2CE56H0T-IT3E. Hikvision 5MP POC Fixed Turret Camera SR-H2L.TOA Line Array Speaker Ruijie RG-S6220-H Switch Series.RG-S6220-48XS6QXS-H / RG-S6220-48XT6QXS-H / RG-S6220-32QXS-H AX-200TFR. Optex Battery Operated Photoelectric Detector. #ASIP Connect HY-1500VW.TOA Mounting Bracket CPE510. TPlink 5GHz 300Mbps 13dBi Outdoor CPE VXI-R. Optex Wide Angle Outdoor PIR. #ASIP Connect DS-2TD4237-25/V2. Hikvision Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Speed Dome. #ASIP Connect DGS-6600-48P WTU-4800.UHF Wireless Tuner Unit Fingertec R2 HY-CW1WP.TOA Ceiling Mount Bracket MB40-VL. ZKTeco Hybrid Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal. #ASIP Connect WM-2100.Portable Transmitter DS-2CE16D3T-I3PF.2 MP IR Bullet Camera WIFI ROUTERS-DIR-816L AX-500PLUS. Optex Infrafred Photoelectric Beam. #ASIP Connect RG-S2952G-E V3. Ruijie 52-Port Gigabit L2+ Managed Switch. #ASIP Connect KX-te82461x Horus-E1. ZKTeco Wireless Facial Recognition Time Attendance Terminal