04-31, Skudai Parade
Shopping Complex,
Batu 10, Jalan Skudai,
81300 Skudai, Johor,

Lot 3, Block B,
Subang Light Industrial Park,
Off Jalan Subang 2, USJ 1,
47610 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

14, Jalan Medan Ipoh 9,
Bandar Baru Medan,
31400 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia.


Network/ICT System > HUAWEI

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AC6800V. Huawei Access Controller. #ASIP Connect
AC6800V. Huawei Acce..nect
AC6805. Huawei Access Controller. #ASIP Connect
AC6805. Huawei Acces..nect
AP8030DN & AP8130DN. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP8030DN & AP813..nect
AP8050DN & AP8150DN. Huawei Access Points. #ASIP Connect
AP8050DN & AP815..nect
AP8050TN-HD. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP8050TN-HD. Huawei ..nect
AP8082DN & AP8182DN. Huawei Access Points. #ASIP Connect
AP8082DN & AP818..nect
5760-51. Huawei AirEngine Access Point. #ASIP Connect
5760-51. Huawei AirE..nect
6760-X1 & 6760-X1E. Huawei AirEngine Access Points. #ASIP Connect
6760-X1 & 6760-X..nect
8760-X1-PRO. Huawei AirEngine Access Point. #ASIP Connect
8760-X1-PRO. Huawei ..nect
AP1050DN-S. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP1050DN-S. Huawei A..nect
AP2050DN. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP2050DN. Huawei Acc..nect
AP2051DN-S. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP2051DN-S. Huawei A..nect
AP2051DN & AP2051DN-E. Huawei Access Points. #ASIP Connect
AP2051DN & AP205..nect
AP4050DN-HD. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP4050DN-HD. Huawei ..nect
AP4051TN. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP4051TN. Huawei Acc..nect
AP4050DE-M. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP4050DE-M. Huawei A..nect
AP5030DN & AP5130DN. Huawei Access Points. #ASIP Connect
AP5030DN & AP513..nect
AP5510-W-GP. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP5510-W-GP. Huawei ..nect
AP6050DN & AP6150DN. Huawei Access Points. #ASIP Connect
AP6050DN & AP615..nect
AP6750-10T. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP6750-10T. Huawei A..nect
AP6052DN. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP6052DN. Huawei Acc..nect
AP7052DN & AP7152DN. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP7052DN & AP715..nect
AP7052DE. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP7052DE. Huawei Acc..nect
AP7060DN. Huawei Access Point. #ASIP Connect
AP7060DN. Huawei Acc..nect

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FV-200CA. TOA Amplifier Changeover Panel. #ASIP Connect SR-F09. TOA Mobile Speaker System. #ASIP Connect DS-KH2220-S. Hikvision Storage Analog Four Wire Indoor Station. #ASIP Connect BB-HCM581/580 Ubiquiti airFiber®NxN AF-MPx4 F-1300WT.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System DS-2TP21-6AVF/W. Hikvision Thermographic Handheld Camera DS-2CD2532F-IS.3MP IR MINI DOME NETWORK CAMERA A-3212DM. TOA Digital Mixer Amplifier with MP3. ASIP Connect IP8355H. Vivotek Bullet Network Camera DS-2CD2125FWD-I(S).2 MP IR Fixed Dome Network Camera MD8565-N. Vivotek Mobile Dome Network Camera H-2.TOA 2-Way Surface-Mount Speaker System FD8168. Vivotek Ultra Mini Fixed Dome Camera IP8155HP. Vivotek Fixed Network Camera EP.BR100. Entrypass Touch Activation Technologies Fingerprint Sensor and Keypad SCB-4000 HY-MS7W-WP.TOA Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket PIXMA TS307 Canon Inkjet Printers DS-2TD6266-75C2L/V2. Hikvision Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Positioning System VX-2000SF.Surveillance Frame Epson L6160 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer